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Lifted Spindle Service - Bay Window Bus Spindles

$ 1,000.00

Custom built 2.5” lifted spindle Service for bay window bus spindle set. Service is $1000 and results in a 2.5” lifted , +0.800” positive offset spindles set. You must send us your spindles as cores, plus an additional 2nd set (it takes 4 spindles to make 2 lifted spindles.) The inner spindle set (base) must always be a 68-70 spindle regardless of years brakes  


Additional wheel spacing may be required for your wheels to clear the ball joints & control arms.

For 14” bus wheels or larger. May require additional wheel spacers depending on tire width to arm clearance

1 week lead time.

Options are:

68-70 Spindles (drum brakes)

71-72 Spindles (12mm caliper mounts)

73-79 Spindles (14mm caliper mounts)

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