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Lifted Spindle Service - Split Bus

$ 1,500.00

2.5” Lifted Bus Spindle Service

Send us your link pin Bus spindles and we will rebuild and modify them to a 2.5” lift. +3/4” offset increase. The lifted spindle service requires that you send us a second spindle set. $1000 for the fabrication service & $500 for the new BBT king/link set.   

May require additional wheel spacers for spindle to wheel clearance, depending on your wheel selection. Only you can decide which spacer size is needed after installation and measuring fitment. We have fit 14” bus wheels with no clearance issues before.

Includes brand new king pin and link pin set from BBT.
We will no longer restore original king pin sets. 

$1500 plus shipping. Lead time is currently 1 week. 

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