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VW Bus/944 Hybrid Drop Spindle Service

$ 1,700.00

VW Bus/ 945 Porsche Hybrid Drop Spindle Service

For 55-67 Split buses or Bay window buses with linkpin front end conversions. 

We chop up your original linkpin bus spindle and mate (weld) it together with an early Porsche 944 spindle, incorporating a 4” or 5” drop. We provide the Porsche 944 core spindle set. You must send us your original bus spindles to build upon. King pins are brand new from BBT and come installed. Comes retuned to you as pictured above. it takes us full day to build this set for you.

Why do you want this? Because this gets your bus low-low and allows you to run off the shelf 944 brake parts for an easy 5x130 PCD disc brake solution. We all want to run Porsche wheels and this is the way to get there. Accepts 83-85 Porsche 944 front brakes. Easy Peasy. This is our #1 most popular spindle that we offer. I run these on my personal bus.

These spindles are not for original 5x205 PCD  

$1700 plus shipping.

here’s how it breaks down  $1000 spindle service, $200 Porsche spindle cores, $500 King/Link sets

7 day lead time upon receiving your spindle cores. 

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